EBC Disc Brake Pads - FA394HH Sintered (Avid, Clarks, Gusset, Promax, Sram)

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Double-H™ sintered brake pads last much longer than organic brake pads because they have a higher friction rating and give longer life
and better brake performance and are therefore great value for money. These high quality brake pads are made in the USA and are used by
some of the world’s greatest mountain bike sportsmen.
This compound is not suitable for use with a mountain bike where the discs are for use only with resin pads - EBC Brakes® Double-H™
replacement mountain bike brake pads will score the unhardened brake discs.

BB7 Mechanical
(All Mountain & Road)
Juicy 3
Juicy 5
Juicy 7
Juicy Carbon
Juicy Ultimate
Juicy Ultimate 7


Hydro Chute

DSK 950


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